Documentation guide

This document explains you how to contribute to document/user guide preparation of Music Blocks.

Mainly there are two methods which you can use to improve/contribute to the documentation aspects of Music Blocks. These were designed according to the fact that there are two main user categories who has some technical background where others have no technical background at all. What is meant by "technical" is know-how about HTML and CSS.

1. Without technical background

Users first need to get a fork from the existing repository, and then modifications can be done in appropriate readme files. Once done, can send a pull request to the original repository. Once the modification is reviewed and validated, content of the file wll be taken into the website.

Here are some materials for your reference:

2. With technical background

Users can get a fork from the existing repo (as mentioned above), do the modifications in web pages using coding syntax and commit them and send a pull request to merge with the original repository.

Use following guidelines when doing the modifications in web pages:

  • In the website we've used Bootstrap. Please use the same stylings for the consistency of the website.
  • Different font sizes have been used depending on the heading level, please follow them.
  • Try to use more interactive content when doing the documentation. Whenever possible use videos, animations or images rather than just text.